Monrovia 2014 - 2015
The Team of the GERLIB CLINIC was badly affected by the EBOLA Virus. One of the employees of the institution attracted the virus. He became sick on 23. July 2014 and was treated for five days at the GERLIB CLINIC. At this time only one ETU (EBOLA Treatment Unit) existed, which was set up by the government (Ministry of Health & Social Welfare) and located at ELWA Hospital compound. The employee was tested EBOLA "positive" and treated by us accordingly until a place was vacant at the ELWA ETU. All our other inpatients were discharged or referred due to similar condition. We waited more than 48 hours for the ambulance. Two staff members of the GERLIB CLINIC contacted Dr. Brown at the ETU on 30. July 2014 only to hear that 12 dead bodies needed to be transported before a new patient could be admitted. On 31. July 2015 the two staff members, Dolo Ponah (P.A.) and Sampson Quedan (B.Sc. R.N.) announced over air the misery. At the same afternoon my employee was brought in the ETU.

On 9 August 2014 the employee died. The staff of the GERLIB CLINIC was quarantined for 21 days and thanks to GOD everybody felt physically well and healthy.

The GERLIB CLINIC was closed from 1. August 2014 until 19. September 2014. Until the end of the year we rendered Medical Care von 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. On the 1. January 2015 we offered our service 24 hours again. The entire building of the GERLIB CLINIC had to be disinfected, which caused a lot of damaging and destroying.

Not to be active due to quarantine but seeing people dying was not acceptable for me. I contacted the German Medical Aid Organization action medeor in Germany and informed it about the pathetic situation in Monrovia. This organization came to our assistance and to the rescue of the Liberian people. Through the assistance of action medeor the GERLIB CLINIC participated actively in "EBOLA Response."

Our sincere thanks go to the German Non Governmental NGO action medeor to GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit), Apotheker helfen, Munich, and Liberia e.V., Essen. Through their financial assistance we were able to support the Liberian people and alleviate their pain.
EBOLA Treatment Unit - ETU (Opening 29. October 2014)

Set up an ETU (EBOLA Treatment Unit) - ELWA II action medeor - GERLIB CLINIC 2 x 22 bed Isolation tents - on the premises at ELWA called action medeor - GERLIB CLINIC - ELWA ETU".
Treatment of Inpatient
Logistic (Supply of Medication, clothing, hygienic articles, office supply, drinking water)
Survivor care
Payment of monthly topping up to 120 health workers and medical doctors (Nov. 2014 - May 2015) at the ETU
Employment of a Medical Doctor at the ETU

Survivor Program
Monthly support of food, clothing, mattresses, beddings, petty cash (Nov. 2014 - July 2015) for 68 persons; also psychological counseling

EBOLA & Social Welfare Program Phase 1: 15.12.2014 - 15.02.2015
Workshop conducted
Outreach: Pipeline Community Paynesville; Awareness and Distribution of 2.500 buckets, bathing soap, chlorine
30 Volunteers participated (Appreciation US$ 100,00 monthly/each)

Disease Prevention Program Phase 2: 15.04.2015 - 15.07.2015
Workshop conducted
Outreach: Neezoe Community Paynesville; Awareness (Malaria, Diarrhea, Cholera, Typhoid Fever)
30 Volunteers participated (Appreciation US$ 100,00 monthly/each)

Medical Service rendered to the public free of charge at the GERLIB CLINIC
Three days Program at the GERLIB CLINIC in November 2014; 688 patients were examined and treated incl. laboratory analysis and medication

EBOLA & Social Welfare Program in Zubah Town:
GERLIB COMMUNITY CENTER financially supported by Liberia e.V., Essen/Germany in Nov. & Dec. 2014
Conducting workshop
Awareness and Distributing of 1.500 EBOLA buckets, Disinfection and food items (rise, sugar, beans, oil) to elderly and sick people of Zubah Town
20 Volunteers participated (Appreciation US$ 100,00 monthly/each)

EBOLA & Social Welfare Program in Sasstown / Grand Kru County financed by Apotheker helfen e.V. Munich in February 2015
Workshop conducted
Awareness and Distribution of 1.500 buckets, disinfection materials, food items to invalids, sick inhabitants and elderly of Sasstown
Support in kind were organized and distributed to:
Antoinette Tubman Cheshire Home, Sinkor
Group of 77, Monrovia Central
Fairfield Baptist Orphanage Mission, Jacob Town
Rotary Club of Sinkor, Sinkor
Sisters of Mother Theresa Hospital, Sinkor
United Blind Association, Gardnersville