Since our arrival in Liberia in 1983, we have been supporting children and adolescents and promoting their school education. During the war, there were eight male adolescents living in what is known as the “Children’s House” which is located on our premises, and they also attended the school. Today they are electrical engineers, accountants, tailors and they lead a life in dignity.

In July 2009, I set up the GERLIB (German Liberian) COMMUNITY CENTER in Paynesville/Zubah Town, Rehab Road. This was made possible by the support of non-governmental organization Take the children from the Road, Verl,, personal friends, and the German Embassy in Monrovia. Friends and supporters of Liberia e.V., Essen, provided financial backing for the program.

Inauguration of the adjacent playground was carried out on November 14, 2009, by Ambassador Ilse Lindemann-Macha.

Most of the children who are between 5 and 13 years of age have never been to a kindergarten or had any form of pre-school education. These children help their parents and contribute to the family’s livelihood by carrying out work such as collecting water, selling, and crushing stones.

The objective of the GERLIB COMMUNITY CENTER

Our vision is to convey social values to the children and adolescents and re-establish hope and a joy for life. In doing so, we hope to achieve a positive change in their behavior with the effect of creating a better future.


Support for teenage mothers; community workers look after their babies whilst they go back to school
Provision of primary education for disadvantaged children
Strengthening of the skills of the children and adolescents through life skill recreation and sport
Vocational training (currently only tailoring)

We were able to introduce a feeding program in March 2015. The children are provided with a meal every day. The feeding program is being financed by the Welthungerhilfe (German World Hunger Aid). Prior to this, children had been collapsing during lessons because they were hungry. After lessons, the children had to work in order to finance their meals within the family. We have been able to take this burden off the children and they are now able to concentrate during lessons and take an active part in them. They can now be children!


The GERLIB COMMUNITY CENTER currently supports 89 children from the Zubah Town Community. These beneficiaries have to be divided into four categories:

Group 1: Day Care Program
The children are aged between 1 and 4 years. 18 children took part during the 2016/2017 school year. The teenage mothers visited the school whilst we looked after their babies.

Group 2: Pre-school Program
47 children aged between 5 and 13 years took part in the pre-school program in the 2016/2017 school year. Depending on their age, the children will learn to read, write and the four basic methods of arithmetic calculation and receive an introduction into social sciences. They will be prepared for regular school attendance. They are also taught handicrafts and painting.

Group 3: Vocational Training
A total of 12 women are attending the tailoring course which commenced on April 15, 2016. During this one-year course, the women learn sewing by hand and using a sewing machine.

Group 4: Regular School Attendance
Friends from Germany make it possible for 28 children to attend regular school. These children have successfully completed the GERLIB COMMUNITY CENTER's program. 16 children are being sponsored by Pro Liberia, Munich, Germany, and 11 by Ingrid Bugla, Essen, Germany, and her friends. One girl is being sponsored by a lady from Brussels.