A t the age of fourteen I already had an itch to live on the African continent and to work in the field of humanitarian aid. Due to the love for my Liberian husband, Dr. med. Domo Nimene, Liberia became my second home. Here I experienced many highs and lows, such as the civil war (1989-2013) and the EBOLA Epidemic (2014-2015).

My purpose always was to bring joy to my fellows, to encourage and to promote them. I was able to realize this in particular in Liberia and implement it through action.

Today I am living a life of contentment and gratefulness, rich in positive experiences and adventures, a life I dedicated not only to my family but also to my fellow human beings. .

Due to the illnesses and early death of my parents my support in bringing up my two younger siblings had priority before I finally was able to obtain the German qualification for university entrance (Abitur).

First of all I was trained in the medical fields, which I participated in with great enthusiasm. Some years later I got my university degree at Bielefeld University in 1999 as a certified sociologist.

In 1985 the GERLIB CLINIC was established by my late husband, Dr. Domo Nimene and myself in Monrovia. Due to the civil war we finally had to leave Liberia and returned to Germany to make a living. From here we organized all kinds of support for the Liberian people, amongst others we were able to send a ship with 1.500 tons of food, and installing and managing a Therapeutic Feeding Center.

After my husband had died, I went back to Africa where I worked for the German Development Service (DED) as an organization and microcredit consultant for a local non-governmental organization in Sudan from 2000 to 2004.

Since my return to Liberia in 2006 I am the CEO of the GERLIB CLINIC. In 2010 I was able to set up an 18 bed hospital offering also modern laboratory analysis and diagnostic opportunities. The EBOLA Epidemic in Liberia 2014-2015 presented new challenges and I was intensely involved in the organization of humanitarian aid and treatment of Ebola victims and survivors.

Children and their schooling always had a special place in my heart. Therefore I set up the GERLIB COMMUNITY CENTER in 2009 to provide education for children, especially for those who did not yet have the opportunity to attend school. Besides learning to read, write and calculate, they also are free to craft, sing and play. It is very close to my heart that they are allowed to be a child as well.

The EBOLA epidemic left orphans in the community. So on December 8th 2016 an orphanage home was launched, which I am also responsible for. Most of the projects were realized through fundraising, which is in my area of responsibility as well.

On December 4th 2013 I was awarded the
Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany
because of my social dedication to the Liberian people during the Civil War.

I am also a Rotarian, member of the Club of Sinkor, Liberia.





The steady growth of facilities and institutions under Margret Gieraths-Nimene and associates has in recent times brought about the need to consolidate under a general framework of an organization. So in April 2015, the Margret Gieraths-Nimene Foundation, Inc. (MAGIF) was officially established under the laws of Liberia, with provision to partnership internationally. The article of incorporation of the foundation empowers it to engage in activities not restricted or prohibited by the laws of the Republic of Liberia or the laws of other countries where the organization may be authorized to operate.

The purposes officially indicated include the seeking and providing sustainable social services in the fields of Health, Education, Orphanage Management, Humanitarian Support and specialized Social Domains along with Economic Research; the Planning and Execution of community quick-impact projects; Carrying out Infrastructural Activities to enable it attain its mission; Promoting positive Organizational Relationships, domestic and external, to achieve its goals.

The affairs of the Foundation are generally controlled by the Board of Directors in accordance with the bylaws of the Foundation, subject to the laws of-not-for-profit corporation of the Republic of Liberia and other jurisdictions where applicable.

The Foundation’s Board of Directors shall have a membership of not less than 5 (five) and not more than 11.

Ex-officio Membership includes one observer from a relevant Institution of the Liberian Government and an observer designated by the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany near Monrovia.


The Foundation shall maintain and administer a MAGIF Endowment Fund. The assets of the Fund are to be used to implement the purposes of the Foundation as set forth in the constitution of the Foundation by grants of income from the Fund and, to the extent hereinafter permitted.


No part of the net earnings of the Foundation shall inure to the benefit of any member, official or staff of the Foundation, and no part of its activities shall involve attempts to intervene in any political campaign on behalf of any candidate for public office anywhere.

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